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Snow kept mountains, lush green valleys and running streams of Crystal clear water. Yes this is what a person conjures up whenever he/she visualise “Kashmir”.
Indeed Kashmir is dubbed as a paradise on earth and it is really hard to describe Kashmir’s mesmerising and charismatic beauty in words because words can’t do justice with the aura Kashmir holds.

But unfortunately we humans with lack of any humanity are trying our best to make it worst then a living hell.
Kashmir’s dispute is the oldest conflict in the world’s history and yet unresolved.
Today we talk about equality, women empowerment, freedom of speech and expression, but what we ignore the most is Kashmir’s issue.
Hundreds of thousands of innocent souls have been brutally killed and who has left behind to live is content with misery sorrow and depression which invokes frustration rage and retaliation. That is what we are witnessing in Kashmir today.
stubbornness,greed and ego are the instincts of a human which had led innocent Kashmir’s to a point where they are forced to stone-pellet
everything they could find.
India is termed as ” worlds largest democracy” and the full proof supporter of secularism but still indian leadership is deliberately captivating kashmir, for what? Just to boost their ego.
We are no stranger to Gujrate’s massacre and now again Kashmir.
But i am stunned by the fact how United Nations is keeping quite on such issues and still not taking any stance when everything is pretty much clear. India is openly and blatantly infringing united nations charter of human rights.
Whole world is doing nothing but keep watching how the barbaric Indian troops are torturing innocent men women and children.
What indian leadership and establishment are trying to prove ?why don’t they let people of kashmir decide what they want to do with their land?
Everyone’s life is precious wether he/she represents Indian forces or he/she is an unarmed innocent civilian.
We are Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew or Sikh but what we left behind is compassion and what we don’t have is humanity.
All religions in the world preach the lesson of love,peace and harmony but our interpretations are very different from what we have taught exactly.
I demand an open and rigged free plebiscite for once and for all and give Kashmiris a chance to live the way they want.